5 Quick Fixes for Wedding Day Beauty Emergencies

A zit

Pimples commonly pop up on wedding days because you tend to eat more sweetmeats and oily foods during the pre-wedding functions. Added to this are lack of exercise and inadequate sleep. A combination of all these factors is a perfect recipe for pimples.
If you see a pimple on your D-day, don’t panic. Keep the area cool by applying ice. Coolness subdues the bacteria in the pimple. Apply a thick paste of cloves and cinnamon. During makeup, avoid applying oily foundation on the spot. Use an oil-free concealer to camouflage the difference in skin tone around the affected area.

Puffy eyes

Unhealthy diet, late night celebrations and inadequate sleep are the cause for puffy eyes. Don’t worry, puffy eyes usually subdue within a few hours. However, if you have a morning or noon wedding, it could be a problem.
A simple remedy is to use frozen teaspoons on the lids. Put two teaspoons in the freezer for around half an hour. Place them on the eyes such that the concave part touches the eyes. Repeat a few times until the puffiness recedes. You could also try placing icepacks, frozen cucumber slices and warm teabags.

Dark circles

Again, lack of sleep is the main culprit here. You can avoid most of the beauty emergencies by not compromising on your sleep. However, if the problem is unavoidable, make sure that you apply a cooling pack for the eyes before you sleep the previous night. Wash off and apply moisturiser before sleeping. Use a good quality concealer to even the skin tone.

Smudged eye makeup

Weddings make you emotional and you might find your eyes welling up. A few tears might run down your cheeks and along with them, your mascara and kohl. The only preventive measure for this problem is to use waterproof kohl, eyeliner and mascara. Do not compromise on this matter.

Chipped or ruined nails

Chipped nails are very common during weddings. Keep a nail file, nail polish and nail polish remover handy. Use them to smoothen chipped nails and reapply a coat of polish. Everyone gets nervous on their wedding day because somewhere in the back of their mind they know that things can go wrong at the last moment. The only way to counter the anxiety and be confident is to be prepared for these untoward incidents.