Get Flawless Skin

Hi ladies,

Everyone wants a flawless skin, but because of some environmental conditions and our lifestyle habits our skin could develop dark patches and an uneven skin tone. Let’s find out some dos and don’ts for hyper pigmentation in this post.

What is hyper pigmentation?

Hyper pigmentation is a skin condition in which parts of the skin becomes darker because of the overproduction of melanin in our skin. The parts affected could be tiny or large parts of the body and it can happen on any part of your body. It is usually a harmless and treatable condition and could happen to anyone due to any number of reasons.

What causes hyper pigmentation?

  • Excessive sun exposure is the major cause of hyper pigmentation. Harmful UV radiation of the sun rays causes an imbalance in melanin production, which could result in dark patches.
  • Certain medicines have side effects because hyper pigmentation can occur. Too much of iron in the body can also cause it.
  • If you have any skin injury and if the inflamed area is not taken care of it can also cause dark and uneven patches later.
  • Hormonal changes due to pregnancy or birth control pills are also the reason.
  • Hyper pigmentation is also hereditary. If your mother or grandmother has it, chances are you will develop it at some point of your life too.


Simple tips to get rid of hyper pigmentation


Lemon has citric acid in abundance and can lighten the dark spots effectively. Take lemon juice and add 2-3 drops of coconut oil to it. Apply this mixture on the dark spots and leave it on for 15 minutes. Use this daily to apply on your skin until the dark spots vanish completely.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E negates the affects of harmful UV rays and it’s the ideal option to choose free casino slots for fun if you are suffering from hyper pigmentation. Take out the liquid from vitamin E capsules and mix with 3-4 drops of castor oil. Apply this before sleeping and wash your face in the morning. Do this for 2-3 weeks to see the difference in your overall skin tone.

How to prevent hyper pigmentation?

  • Keep your skin hydrated; drink as much water as you can to flush out the toxins from your body.
  • Avoid exposure to excess sun and heat. Always slather on sun screen before going outside. Use SPF 30 or higher if you are already suffering from hyper pigmentation.
  • Take good care of your skin and follow a proper CTM routine on a regular basis.
  • Eat a balanced diet and avoid junk food.
  • If all these things are not working out for you, never hesitate to consult a doctor.