Go into business with a established hairdressing superbrand and a visionary business owner.

Steps to partner with the most premium Hair Raizers Salon

Hair Raizers salon welcomes prospective franchise partners that share our vision and are motivated to invest in a concept that strives for mutual success. Our Franchise model is unique backed by two decades of industry experience and we wholly believe in its success.

You don’t have to walk it alone!

Over 20years of experience
40 Salons in North India
2 Established Academy Campuses
Team of over 200 Experts
Over 1000 students successfully trained and certified
Legacy of superlative services

Step 1 : Profile Assessment

Hair Raiserz franchisees must be fully committed to the successful running of their business and be willing to go over and above to offer superior service. We’re looking for individuals with integrity and ethics who show initiative and resourcefulness. They must be passionate and devoted to managing the business and have a customer-oriented approach willing to go the extra mile to please patrons.

Step 2 : Pre Requisites

To begin your career as a Hair Raizers Salon partner you need a owned/leased commercial space of minimum size 800sq.ft. If you can fulfill both steps above criteria, please go to Step 3 to register your interest.

Step 3 : Send Your Request

Click below to fill your details and our franchisee manager will get in touch shortly.

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